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Bracing Manual

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Bracing Manual

This B300 & B400 Series bracing manual contains assembly information for extensions, mechanical and hydraulic units used as length adjusting elements, preliminary tension devices and tension removal equipment.

This manual does not contain design instruction. Bracing and strut system works under high loads from 30 to 200 tons. All calculation and design must be performed by competent engineer with permissions correct for installation area, country and in regard to geotechnical conditions, depth of excavation and other factors that might influence design. The appearance of provided elements may differ in details and dimensions from pictures in this manual due to size of used system. Operations needed to operate the devices are the same in all versions. Operating procedures are the same in all versions.

Maxx Shoring Bracing Manual B300 B400
Maxx Shoring Bracing Manual S1000
Maxx Shoring Bracing Manual S2000